Malaria Vaccine Development in Europe – preparing for the future

20-11-14 - 21-11-14

Workshop, organised by the European Vaccine Initiative at Louise Centre, Av. Louise 287, Brussels, Belgium

Background and aim of the workshop:

A great deal of time and effort has been put into the preparation of the 2013 Update of the Malaria Vaccine Technology Roadmap (MVTR).  In order to ensure that the strategic goals set by the MVTR are achieved, further elaboration of the various priority areas defined in the roadmap is urgently needed.  The aim of the workshop is to bring together key players of the European malaria community to define and prioritise the key activities to be undertaken in the coming years, and to outline Europe’s contribution to the implementation of the roadmap in a global context with the main stake holders.

Workshop session topics:

  • Innovation and Discovery/Correlate and Surrogate of Protection
  • Combination Vaccines: Multi-Stage, Multi-Antigen
  • Clinical Aspects of Vaccine Development/Controlled Human Malaria Infection Model
  • Capacity Building in GMP Manufacturing and Clinical Trials

Online registration at the EVI website will be open 01 July – 22 September 2014.