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Please, note that the EURIPRED project was ended on 31 Oct 2017 and the free services are no longer available.


EURIPRED is a EC-funded (FP7) infrastructure project to facilities and supports translational research for poverty related diseases, such as HIV, TB, malaria and hepatitis. The services provided by EURIPED can be accessed for FREE by European scientists. Download the onepager

The EURIPRED services are:
Access to biological materials and reference reagents/ standards – NIBSC - CFAR
Access to vaccine adjuvant & formulation studies – VFL - UNIL
Access to microarray facility for screening & evaluation – JPT

Please inform us if you have other wishes or requests, not mentioned in the above lists.

Application for free services will be selected under a peer-reviewed process. Only European user groups (from EU Member States or Associated States) can apply for the free services, and only to EURIPRED Service infrastructures outside their own country. For scientists based in countries outside the EU Member States or its Associated States, access is subject to a range of charges according to the service requested (see also Eligibility Criteria).

With agreement with EC, scientific excellence should be the main selection criterion i.e. objectives, feasibility, innovation, quality and record of investigators, quality of the proposed methodology, potential impact (need for knowledge dissemination, sustainability), compliance with national and international standards of research are considered to be sub-components of scientific excellence.

The services are not restricted to any diseases in particular but will be prioritised to poverty related diseases, such as HIV, TB, malaria and hepatitis B/C.

Read the eligibility criteria

Read the call procedure


Yann Le Duff, PhD
Project management team
+44 (0) 1707 641158