Information and trainings

The EURIPRED project will deliver a lot of information about HIV, Malaria, TB, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C during the course of the project. Several peer reviewed publications are expected. An inventory will be made of the biological and clinical materials, standards and data from several partner institutes. A virtual institute will be developed to facilitate a pan-European knowledge network and to encourage the interaction between all stakeholders in the field of Hepatitis and Poverty Related Diseases.

Trainings and webinars will be developed to create opportunities for scientists from partners, other EU member states, and also from the developing countries. And SOPs will be developed to perform collaborative experiments. The information will be made available on this website during the course of the project.

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Reference reagents / adjuvant & formulation studies / microarray facility



Dr Mei Mei Ho
Project coordinator
+44 (0) 1707 641473