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The overall goal of the EURIPRED is to coordinate and integrate international resources into a single specialised infrastructure to support European HIV, TB, Malaria and Hepatitis B virus and Hepatitis C virus studies from early drug, vaccine and microbicide discovery to clinical trials. This will be achieved by creating partnerships between European scientists and international research teams from disease endemic countries and strong collaborations between industry and public sector research. One of the tools which will be used to achieve the improved infrastructure, is the development of a ‘Virtual Institute’.

The central mission of this Virtual Institute is to become a pan-European knowledge network and a facility to encourage the interaction between all stakeholders in the field of Hepatitis and Poverty Related Diseases.
This Virtual Institute will include the following modules:

  1. Online forums and discussions: The Virtual Institute will become the meeting place for the Poverty Related Diseases community, and a major source of dissemination of information.
  2. Online training on Poverty Related Diseases for pharmaceutical and related industries, NGOs, policy makers, healthcare providers, SMEs and research organisations.
  3. Further development into a multi-functional European entity involving a knowledge and expert centre on Hepatitis and Poverty Related Diseases, an information centre using advanced communication and IT, a meeting place for multiple stakeholders, a training centre and a centre focused on exploring future Hepatitis and Poverty Related Diseases initiatives. The erection of the Virtual Institute expert consulting centre will be of utmost importance to European citizens.
  4. Online dissemination activities (such as publication of electronic newsletters), will support wide discussions on new vaccines, treatment strategies etc. The Virtual Institute through the built-up interfaces and an advanced IT environment will link the needs of all the users (laboratories, including those from industry and SMEs), science (development of methods) and biomedical production. This will be an important step ahead in fighting against fragmentation.



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Dr Mei Mei Ho
Project coordinator
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