Reference standards and reagents platform

Applications can now be submitted any time (regardless of the call schedule) and will be evaluated within a maximum of three weeks of receipt.

The application form should be sent to Yann Le Duff once completed.

Reference standards and research reagents are provided by MHRA–NIBSC and CFAR, South Mimms, Potters Bar, UK.

MHRA-NIBSC is an internationally recognised laboratory preparing, characterising and distributing Reference Reagents and Standards worldwide. CFAR (Centre for AIDS Reagents) is a repository of HIV/AIDS reagents that houses over 6500 products including cell lines, virus stock, DNA clones, antibodies, peptides and recombinant proteins to support research. The linkage of MHRA-NIBSC and CFAR provides a unique resource to ensure a new infrastructure providing reference preparations and specified pathogen reagents to the scientific research community.

The vast majority of CFAR reagents* are accessible for free through EURIPRED as well as new research reagents developed during the EURIPRED project. Please contact Yann Le Duff or Sarah Gilbert for additional information.

CFAR catalogue

New EURIPRED products

* The following products are not available through EURIPRED: ARP3101, EVA648 and the UNAIDS collection of primary isolates.

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Overview EURIPRED products so far (July 2017): (link to better visible PDF)