Reference standards and reagents platform

Centre for AIDS Reagents

The Centre for AIDS Reagents (CFAR) is a world renowned non-for-profit HIV repository based at the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control in the UK ( CFAR was established in 1989 to facilitate the exchange of reagents between scientists in order to accelerate the progress of HIV research. The CFAR catalogue is continuously growing and currently contains more than 6500 reagents including monoclonal antibodies, peptides, cell lines, viruses, plasmas/sera, recombinant proteins, plasmids, cytokines and antiretroviral drugs. These valuable reagents are available upon request for a small handling charge and the cost of shipping. Thanks to the EC funded EURIPRED project, CFAR catalogue now also contains reagents to study additional pathogens including m.tb., Malaria and HBV/HCV.

If you interested in acquiring or donating reagents,  would like CFAR to obtain or produce specific materials, or have any questions, please contact us:

You can find here the CFAR catalogue