Call procedure

I. Application

The application form should be sent to Yann Le Duff once completed.

EURIPRED aims to support poverty related diseases (PRDs) and hepatitis projects, including those with vaccines or therapeutics which are in the discovery and preclinical phase of development. One of the EURIPRED’s goals is to facilitate the development of new tools (vaccines, drugs, microbicides) to combat HIV, TB, Malaria, Hepatitis B/ C by providing access to the services and expertise within the EURIPRED Infrastructure. Users may access the services free of charge. All Intellectual Property generated by the User group’s project will remain the ownership of the User group, unless indicated otherwise prior to starting work within EURIPRED.

If you are interested in applying to one of the EURIPRED Services, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Service descriptions webpage for specific information on the Service infrastructures and the free Services available. Select the Service which is most relevant for your work. For scientific questions regarding a specific Service, please contact the corresponding lead scientist directly (their contact details are listed there). For questions regarding any aspect of the submission, review or associated administration please contact the EURIPRED Project Team (Yann.LeDuff(at)

Step 2: Carefully read the information on eligibility criteria and Call Procedure. These also provide the detail on duties of the selected User groups accessing the EURIPRED Services.

Step 3: Download the Application form and complete it offline. With submission of the Application Form you declare that you have read and understood the Call Procedure and accept its terms.

Applications should be electronically submitted to Yann.LeDuff(at)

Important Notice
The Call procedure and the Application form may be subjected to change. Please always refer to and download the current versions for the latest information from this website (see Call schedule).


II. Application guidelines

Applicants must use the EURIPRED Application Form and submit it electronically (by e-mail) to the EURIRPED Project Team (Yann.LeDuff(at) Paper versions will not be evaluated further.
User group may submit more than one application for free service within EURIPRED, provided each application is scientifically distinct. You may apply for more than one service with the same Application Form. The selection panel shall base its selection on scientific merit, taking into account that priority should be given to user groups who:
• have not previously used the infrastructure, and
• are working in countries where no such infrastructures exist.

Confirmation of Receipt
Receipt of your application will be acknowledged within 5 working days. Applications not acknowledged as received may have not been successfully transmitted and should be resubmitted via e-mail as described above and copied to EURIPRED Project Management Team (Sarah.Gilbert(at) Under no circumstances will the Management Team accept responsibility for lost e-mails or consider applications received after the deadline of current call. Applicants are solely responsible for ensuring that their applications are received and acknowledged within the deadline to be considered in the current call.

Applications will be reviewed by the EURIPRED Management Team to ensure that all meet the basic selection criteria (e.g. on-time submission, eligibility criteria, formal and administrative requirements, service availability from service providers). Should applicants have failed to meet the criteria defined in the call text, their application will be returned to them. It will not be evaluated further but may be resubmitted once corrected for consideration at a later date.
If new evidence/findings come to light regarding a specific project which indicates its elevated significance then it should be clearly indicated that the resubmission of application is a modified version of the previous unsuccessful application. This applies only to applications have already been reviewed.

All applications must be written in English.

Maximum Length of Applications
The maximum length of applications may not exceed the maximum number of pages indicated in the Application Form. Tables, graphs, figures, diagrams, and charts for project description should be included in the application form.

Submitting on Time

Applications for Reference Material and Formulation:
Applications may be submitted any time, there is no call schedule anymore. Applications will be evaluated within a maximum of three weeks upon receipt by the EURIPRED Project Team (Yann.LeDuff(at)
Please contact us (maria.lawrenz(at) if you are interested in this service.

Applications for vaccine adjuvants and formulation studies: next deadline for application: 15th of February 2016


Applications for Microarray facility:

Applications may be submitted to the EURIPRED Project Team (Yann.LeDuff(at) anytime and will be assessed at the end of each call according to the schedule.  If an application is not received by the due date, it will not be reviewed until the next application deadline. See Confirmation of Receipt.

Notification on Results
All applicants will be notified via e-mail of the results of their application upon completion of the selection process and will be invited to enter into contact with EURIPRED service providers. The successful applicant’s name & institution (with project title, service and units accessed) will be published on the EURIPRED website.
Unsuccessful applicants will be informed by e-mail. No discussion will be entered into regarding the reasons for rejection and the EURIPRED User Selection Panel’s decision is final.


III. Call schedule

See call schedule page


IV. Free support offered

EURIPRED offers selected User groups FREE access to its partners’ installations and Services which are described in detail under Services description. There is no cost to the selected Users for using their awarded Service. This support includes logistical, technological and scientific support as well as any necessary specific training needed or shipping costs in order to be able to benefit from the Services. The support further includes the provision of basic consumables as required to complete use of the Service. Special consumables may need to be provided by the User groups as agreed with the service provider. This may entail sending samples/ antigens/ vaccines by the applicants to the EURIPRED service providers for formulations or analysis. The applicants will be responsible for the costs of shipment of samples sent from applicants to EURIPRED service providers.

In addition, the support also includes travel and accommodation costs for the Users to/from/at the installation when a physical visit (for microarray service only) is necessary – see Services description).  EURIPRED will cover the costs of travelling to the facility of service provider (up to 400 Euro) and accommodation (up to 80 Euro per night) according to the rules of the corresponding installation (Service Provider). Costs are only reimbursed after the visit and upon submission of the requested reports and relevant receipts. Any travel and accommodation costs must be pre-approved by the EURIPRED service provider concerned. Any deviation from the budget is the responsibility of the Users.

Once selected, the User can benefit from the Service which they applied for. Note that a User can benefit only from the Service they applied i.e. User groups are not granted access to all of EURIPRED’s Services, only to the one for which the User group applied.

What will NOT be supported:
• EURIPRED will not provide the Users any form of cash funding or any kind of financial support in the context of this call.
• EURIPRED will not reimburse the Users with shipment costs if the applicants are required to send samples/ antigens/ vaccines to the EURIPRED service providers for formulations or analysis.
• EURIPRED will not reimburse the Users with travelling costs if the visits by named applicants are not required as part of the free service.

Access Period / Duration of Projects
In line with the EC’s Guidelines, each User group has a maximum of up to three months (starting from the date of receipt of all required material/ information from the Users) to complete the work supported by EURIPRED. Thus the selected User groups should have the required material ready (if provided by the Users) prior with written agreement stated in the Terms and Conditions.

V. Selection Criteria

In its commitment to adhere to the principles of transparency, fairness and impartiality, EURIPRED has set up the Users Selection Panel (USP) to review all applications for free services. According to EC regulations, the USP shall base their selection on scientific merit, taking into account that priority should be given to User groups composed of Users who:
• Have not previously used the infrastructure, and
• Are working in countries where no such research infrastructures exist.

EURIPRED is aim to support research projects in Poverty Related Diseases (such as HIV, TB and malaria) and hepatitis B/ C; though research projects of other infectious diseases will not be excluded. Scientific excellence and feasibility of the User groups’ projects will be considered for selecting the applications, together with the prospect that the data generated from the supported projects will be beneficial to the scientific community. Thus selection criteria for selecting applications include the following:
1. Quality of project design
2. Feasibility on scientific rationale
3. Feasibility on achieving project objective(s)
4. Impact of the project outcome to PRDs and hepatitis B/C research
5. Scientific justification on requested free service

Selection process
Firstly, applications will be reviewed by the EURIPRED Project Team to ensure that all meet the basic selection criteria (e.g. on-time submission, eligibility criteria, formal and administrative requirements, service availability from service providers). The Project Team may contact the User, if additional information is required for consideration of the application. Should applicants have failed to meet the criteria defined in the call text, their application will be returned to them. It will not be evaluated further but may be resubmitted once corrected for consideration at a later date.

The EURIPRED USP, composed of three external experts as well as three EURIPRED partners (service providers) will review the applications using the five selection criteria as mentioned above. Scoring scale of 5 = ‘Excellent’ to 1 = ‘Poor/ inadequate’ will be used for each of the five selection criteria. Total score at or above 15 will be considered as ‘Selected’ application from each USP member. An ‘Acceptable’ application should have a clear majority of votes in the Panel.

In cases where the USP requires additional information from the Users, the decision of the application will be delayed until additional information is received from the Users.
In cases where the number of units requested by Users is more than the number of units available, the ‘Selected’ application will be ranked based on the total scores.

VI. Follow-Up

Legal agreement
The selected User groups will be required to sign and agree with the Terms and Conditions before receiving the service. Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) between Users and Service Provider will also be required for some services. The completion of MTA is essential prior the User groups receiving the service.

User Reports
The User groups supported by EURIPRED (accessed to free services) commit to providing a User report to the EURIPRED installation and the EURIPRED Management Team, no later than 45 days after leaving the site or receiving the samples/ service. Failure to provide a report will result in the User being billed for the entire cost of providing the Services to the User group. The purpose of the report is to highlight the scientific output of the Services received and shall be included in the EURIPRED project’s periodic reports to the EC. The list of Users and the service received will be published on the EURIPRED website and the User reports will be made available to the EC. Details about the report format will be provided to the Users.

User Questionnaires
The selected Users commit to complete the EC User Questionnaire no later than 45 days after completing work at the EURIPRED host installation or from the date of receiving samples/ service.

All Applicants will also be required to inform the EURIPRED Project Team (Yann.LeDuff(at) and provide copies of all subsequent publications or patents resulting from, or involving the work through the support of EURIPRED and the EC.

Acknowledgement of EC Support
The support of the EURIPRED project and the EC’s 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7) has to be indicated in all publications resulting from the work carried out in the frame of the EURIPRED support activity.