Access to vaccine formulation studies

The Vaccine Formulation Laboratory at University of Lausanne (VFL-UNIL) provides access to adjuvants, adjuvant quality control technology, adjuvant formulation expertise, training, technology transfer, access to GMP adjuvants, and bespoke adjuvant R&D activities, allowing partners to gain optimal benefit from the use of adjuvants and vaccine formulation technology.

Adjuvants are increasingly used by the vaccine community and are essential components of modern vaccines, particularly for their ability to enhance and bias immune responses and for their dose-sparing properties. Often, the knowledge on how to access, down-select, and formulate adjuvants is not readily available to the majority of vaccine research groups. VFL-UNIL therefore acts as a resource for adjuvants and formulations with the following emphasis:

1. Formulation studies, including optimisation of adjuvanted vaccine candidates, stability studies, and the development of analytical methods to characterise antigen-adjuvant combinations

2. Preclinical evaluation of adjuvanted vaccine candidates, including a variety of quality control and stability study techniques

3. Technology transfer of methods, protocols, and procedures for the preparation and QC of adjuvants

4. Training on vaccine-adjuvant formulation and characterisation, through a variety of training types

Access to adjuvants and vaccine formulation studies, provided by VFL-UNIL will be continued under the EC H2020 infrastructure project TRANSVAC2 (

For more information please contact Dr. Roland Ventura (