Access to vaccine formulation studies

Please contact Maria Lawrenz if you are interested in this service.

The application form should be sent to Yann Le Duff once completed.

The Vaccine Formulation Laboratory (VFL, UNIL) provides access to vaccine formulation studies in order to study and identify appropriate adjuvants / delivery systems, including compatibility and stability studies of vaccine candidates.

One unit of access will correspond to one formulation, i.e. combination of one antigen (usually from the user) AND one adjuvant system (either from VFL portfolio, see below, or from the user). Upon request, users will have access to various delivery and immunomodulator systems, that are either not covered by intellectual property rights or that can be made readily available under license agreements.
Formulations can be prepared under a wide range of experimental conditions (different buffer systems, salts, containers, adjuvant/antigen concentrations, preparation methods, etc.) and final formulations will be characterized for their physico-chemical properties (including short term stability studies) aiming to deliver a characterized experimental vaccine suitable for further pre-clinical studies.
Users will be required to provide the antigen as well as analytical methods to detect, quantify and characterize the antigen for monitoring compatibility of the antigen with the adjuvant/preparation method.
A total of 36 units of access will be offered free of charge in the time-frame of the project.

VFL Portfolio of adjuvants for preclinical studies

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