Dr Paul von Hoegen

Dr Paul von Hoegen is Senior Director Business Development at JPT Peptide Technologies since 2010. Before he managed biotechnology and biobanking projects at The Weinberg Group in Brussels (Belgium) and served as scientific leader in several biotechnology companies (Biovector Therapeutics, Pharmexa and Europroteome) working in immunology and vaccien development for  infectious disease and cancer. Dr. von Hoegen studied Biology at the University Cologne, Germany, and obtained his PhD in Immunology at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. He worked at the Stanford University and SyStemix, USA and headed a junior group in cancer vaccination at the German Cancer Centre Heidelberg, Germany. In 1995 he joined GSK Biologiclas where he headed the cellular immunology group and several therapeutic vaccine projects. Dr. von Hoegen is author and co-author of numerous publications and been involved in multiple R&D collaboration projects.