User Selection Panel

The User Selection Panel (USP) consists of six experts, both internal (three members) and independent (three members). The function of USP is to scientifically review and assess users’ applications for free services: Transnational Access (TNA) provision of biological and reference materials (WP6) and training provision (WP7) within EURIPRED. A TNA process has been set up with clear procedures and selection criteria. The selection of applications is made in accordance with the selection criteria to ensure appropriate and equal access for biological/ reference materials and training courses upon requests. The USP is a decision making body for the selection and approval of applications.

Members of the User Selection Panel are:

Dr Paul Bowyer

Prinicpal scientist, Division of Bacteriology
National Institute for Biological Standards and Control
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Read more »

Dr Christophe Barnier-Quer

Vaccine formulation laboratory
University of Lausanne
Lausanne, Switzerland Read more »

Dr David Cavanagh

More information will follow soon. Read more »

Dr Paul von Hoegen

Senior Director Business Development
JPT Peptide Technologies GmbH
Berlin, Germany Read more »

Dr Gabriella Scarlatti

Dr Gabriella Scarlatti
Head of the Viral Evolution and Transmission Unit at the San Raffaele Scientific Institute
Milan, Italy Read more »

Dr Barry Walker

Dr Barry Walker
Vice President, Preclinical Development, Aeras
Rockville (MD), USA Read more »

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