Prof Frances Gotch

Professor Frances Gotch has been a research immunologist all her working life. Her interest is cellular immune responses, particularly to viral pathogens. Since 1985 she has worked on responses to HIV and in 1996 she moved to the Department of Immunology on the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Campus in order to collaborate closely with the clinicians on site who run the largest HIV clinic in Europe. She has set up two other laboratories – the IAVI human immunology laboratory in London, and a cellular immunology laboratory in Entebbe, Uganda.

Current research areas appertain to HIV specific immune responses which should be induced by therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines for HIV. Thus she directs research concerning immune responses in HIV infected persons who control viremia without drugs (long term non-progressors), people who progress rapidly to disease, people treated with different chemo- and immuno-therapy, and people who have recently become infected. She is also working with cohorts of people who have been exposed to HIV but have not become infected. Her future plans concern the evaluation of suitable vaccine candidates.